I was thrilled to be able to book a performer of Joby’s caliber for our event.  I’m thankful that The Grable Group was willing to work with us and played such a big role in the success of our event.  We were able to advertise well-known entertainment and draw a huge crowd as a result of such promotion.  Joby Saad was amazing—such an unflappable professional—a star!

Thanks so very much!

Stephanie Cavender,

Lead Event Planner, Medtronic Christian Employee Resource Group

One of the best physical comedians I’ve seen
-Bill Dana( Jose Jimenez) Legendary Comedian

Joby Saad is one of the most talented comedians of this generation or any other. A sweet, warm, kind hearted under dog that we’re compelled to identify with, root for and share triumph with when he prevails.

Outstanding! Joby’s ability to adapt to our different audiences was great. His style and creativity worked well with our people and no doubt his genius in bringing in humor that was specific to Mackinac Island was unprecedented and KILLER! Joby is a JOY to work with off stage, his demeanor and easy going nature made it fun to be around him in every situation. We will use him again!
Jay Laffoon- Celebrate Ministries MI.

Joby hit is out of the ballpark! Every comment was positive and affirming.Even the adults laughed! Great experience for us and we will do it again!
PHIL WALDREP – Jr High School Youth Group–Florida

Joby really steps into his character on stage. His body language and interaction with the audience drew me in because he was unpredictable and spontaneous. Even if he always does that it felt fresh and very personalized.
Till soon,
Lyn-Felice Calvin- Inspiration Network

Joby Saad performed for our group of middle & sr high school students on Oct 31, 2006 in Bailey, Colorado following a school shooting tragedy that has left our community very wounded, but not destroyed.

Joby was a great performer & artist at our event. But more than that Joby has compassion and genuine Christ-like love for the kids of our community. Joby went far beyond the normal “contract” performer. He visited the kids AT the school with me for several hours early in the day before the performance. He greeted kids with respect and personal interest. Joby gave away dvd’s and autographs to whomever he could. And, we really had fun together… him and I.

I’d recommend Joby to anyone, anytime. If I can ever have him back in our community, I will. Top notch performer and person.


-Jay Vonesh
Youth pastor, Platte Canyon Community Church, Bailey, Colorado.

Joby was a big hit! at one the the mic went dead and Joby didn’t miss a beat and played it to the hilt. Funny man with a warm heart.
Rich Henry- Amherst Ohio, Sunday School Teachers Appreciation banquet 2011, Ashland University.
Joby Saad is one of the most talented comedians of this generation or any other. A sweet, warm, kind hearted under dog that we’re compelled to identify with, root for and share triumph with when he prevails.

All the humor nowadays is so filthy and ungodly. Im glad that there is one person (Joby Saad) who is willing to do stand up, ext. that is clean and STILL funny.

Hilarious- Jim Hanna Exec Producer-Dennis Miller Live

Joby was the cherry on the cake for our wedding!!!!

Joby was a HIT at our wedding! My hubby and I wanted to surprise our guests with a little gift so we hired joby after watching his videos and losing our minds over his hysterical faces and style of comedy. He exceeded our expectations and was a RIOT!!!! We had him pretend he was a guest so he mingled with our guests and non shalantly grabbed their names and some info and included them in his performance, It was a perfect touch and everyone was surprised. He started off dancing to Billy idol’s “white wedding” doing some of his famous goofy dance moves & funny faces while lip syncing and everyone was hysterically laughing!!! It was so funny! He was amazing and we are so happy he was included in our special evening, the memories will be cherished forever. THANK YOU JOBY!

  • Reviewer: Jenna Love
  • Event Date: October 22nd, 2016
  • Services Provided: Comedian

Joby Saad was hilariously funny at our company Christmas Party. My husband and I laughed so hard we cried! His comedy is original and clean. He uses his voice, body and his facial expressions, which make his act fully entertaining! I’d love to see him again soon!

  • Reviewer: Amanda Riley
  • Event Date: December 5th, 2013
  • Services Provided: Comedian
  • Rating: 5 out of 5

What a pleasure to work with such a funny and original act. Many of the audience members attending the 5 Star Theatre recognized Joby from his television appearances on “Thou Shalt Laugh” and “Bananas”. His show is high energy, clean, and hilarious and he is a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Reviewer: Marc Robins

Joby was very professional. He used the information we gave him and brilliantly incorporated it all into the show. We will definately have him back. Everyone is still talking about his Aunt Jolene Character.

Melissa T.