Growing up in Nashville Tennessee, Joby read of Harry Houdini, the stage and was performing children’s magic shows most weekends by age 12. Joby say’s “Dad would build the props, and mom would give me props”. His dad worked at WSM television building sets and his mother was the staff artist, assist art director at Opryland Theme park designing everything Opryland.

When the tricks didn’t work the laughs started flowing giving Joby the outlet to do what he really wanted, comedy.

Being beat up too often on the basketball court by his High School classmates aiming for laughs instead of baskets for the team drove got Joby beaten up alot. Which led Joby to compete as a bodybuilder winning the Mr Mid Central USA Title at age 19.

Returning to the stage it was comedy writer Mike Price and Disney Star Jim Varney that encouraged him to leave Nashville to pursue stand up after becoming a regular at Zanies Comedy Club. Zanies and Zanies manager Lenny Sisselman gave Joby the opportunity to tour with the top comedians at the time, Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Rob Schneider, Rosanne Barr, Louie Anderson, Paula Pondstone. Concert promoter Steve Moore hired Joby to open for his concerts, Steve Moore later becoming head of CMA Association. Soon Joby was headlining all the top Comedy Clubs and was a regular guest on Nashville Networks Ralph Emery, Crook and Chase and many others.

George Shapiro of Shapiro/West Management (Jerry Seinfeld’s management) took notice of Joby’s talents at a performance at the Ice House in Pasadena California. “George made calls, and the next thing I know I’m auditioning for network sitcoms, say’s Joby”. Joby’s big break came from his starring role on an episode of the family friendly television series Bananas Comedy in 2005. Then in 2006 came the Warner brothers “Thou Shalt Laugh” starring Patricia Heaton from “Everybody loves Raymond”. Featuring seven of the nations top clean comedians it went on to become the highest selling comedy concert DVD.

There were moments in my career that may not seem that significant to others but mean a lot to me. Like being introduced by Jay Davis at Dublins on Sunset blvd and having to follow Dane Cook, or just to hold my own in the same room with the same audiences with so many of the best comedians of the day.

From that Joby launched his own television series “Vidiots” “It’s silent comedy. I love being able to tell a story and reach an audience of all ages and all languages. The humor is universal and continually reaching an international audience. Having been broadcast on cable, its DVD’s quickly sold over 100,000 copies.

Known for his expressive, rubbery face. Makes sense that he’s a big fan of physical comedians such as Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Tim Conway, Bill Dana, Shelley Berman, Brian Regan.

His stand-up, like his films, involves a lot of physical comedy.

Joby has had the honor of performing for our troops in Honduras, entertaining the children of 101st airborne, Fort Campbell Ky, The children and families of St. Jude Hospital, and Le Bonheur children’s Hospital in Memphis is what I’m most proud. Five years on the stage at Lifest, the largest Christian music festival in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

Recently Joby has performed on several Moth shows in Santa Monica Ca. which is that gold standard for storytelling and launching with fellow comedian Alyse Kenny in New York City.

Radio/Live performances. Frequent guest on the syndicated “Daren Streblow comedy show” on I-heart Radio.

Most recently Joby was chosen out of hundreds of comedians to be featured on a new television series “Stand Up Neurotica” that follows the behind the scenes exploits of a comedy club staff, Joby being the night club comedian. Shot on location at New York city’s famed “Stand Up New York’ on the upper west side, where Sienfeld and many others built their reputations.

Joby can be seen on “Chonda Pierce stand up for families” broadcast on the Dove Channel and is involved as a judge and performer, promoter for the annual Clean Comedy Challenge which promotes clean comedy for younger comedians as well as veterans. Besides maintaining his tour schedule Joby is presently in production on a theatrical release family holiday film “Mall Santa” due to be completed this year.